The Creation of Visual Vinyl

Long before we had any intentions of being dealers we were collectors, buying limited editions & collectors items from the likes of HMV, Virgin, independant shops & the back pages of Record Collector magazine with whatever spare cash we could scrape together.

Fast forward thirteen years and having built up a fair sized collection from some trading, I found myself made redundant from my job with a few months pay. I had always dreamed of being a full time dealer, this was my opportunity.

That was over twenty years ago. Now, after a lot of work, we are proud to still be here serving you and building your collection from our eight outlets and our online store.

Our Mission

To bring to you the best possible selection of collectibles in the best condition and at the most reasonable price.

our Values

To be open & honest in our product descriptions. To serve our customers with respect at all times. To remain professional in all we do.

It's fair to say we love records and we're pretty sure our customers do too. As collectors we understand what others are looking for in their search to add an item to their collection.

It would be great if we could find everything we need locally for our collections but we know this is getting harder to do each year as more stores close due to rising costs. This is why we decided to set up this site and make it as close as possible to a real store - with plenty of pictures of the item you are buying and an honest description of what it looks like and should sound like. We hope you agree we have achieved this and would love your feedback.